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Theme info:

-On the first of each month a theme will be announced. The theme can be incorporated in whatever way you see fit, as long as your video draws inspiration from it in some form.

The theme for NOVEMBER is: OBLONG.

Prize Info:

-At the end of the month, the best videos will be chosen and will be compiled into that month's "episode". This will air at the Dallas Comedy House near the end of the month (see calendar for details). Additionally, a winner will be chosen each month to receive a prize.

The prize this month is a $75 DCH gift card and 4 FREE ADMISSION TICKETS. This is good for shows, classes, and merchandise, as well as at the bar. The winning video will receive one card to share among those involved.

Submission Guidelines:

-Videos must be uploaded to youtube. Make sure the privacy settings on the video are set to “unlisted” or “private” until after the end of the month video showcase.

-Send submissions to In the body of the email, make sure to include a link to the video (as well as the password for the video if necessary), a contact person for your group, and the names of all participants.

Submissions for September are due Friday, November 28th by 11:59PM. All finalists will be screened at a FREE SCREENING on Sunday, November 30th @ 9:30PM. 


-There are no prerequisites to submit. Anybody can participate, even if you are not a student or performer.

-There are no length requirements. Submissions can be 5 seconds or 5 minutes long, as long as they're funny and high quality.

-Submissions will be judged on several criteria, including: humor, quality of the film, and performance of the actors.

-Do NOT publicly post your submission until AFTER the end of the month showcase. Doing so may get you disqualified.

Questions? EMAIL US: