Get Ready to Share Your Most Mortifying Experiences

Mortified San Francisco at the DNA Lounge Sharing her weirdest adolescent secrets on stage in front of strangers turned out to be one of the most fun experiences Katie Moore ever had.

"It was heartwarming, cathartic, and hilarious," said Moore, who grew up in Plano and now lives in Austin, Texas.

The show Moore spoke of is Mortified Live, which is now opening a chapter in Dallas. Specifically, at the Dallas Comedy House. Even more specifically, the first shows will be Feb. 12-13, 2016. And to get deeper into the specifics, casting is starting soon, like on October 3rd soon.

"I'm thrilled Mortified has chosen Dallas Comedy House as its home," said Amanda Austin, owner of the world-famous venue. "We're continually working to offer a variety of unique and progressive comedy shows and Mortified fits that bill perfectly. It's a great concept with a loyal following, and I'm really excited to see it take off."

Mortified - Circle LogoMortified Live is celebrating its 14th year and has been featured on This American Life, All Things Considered, The Today Show, and more. If you've never experienced a live show, you can listen to its weekly podcast or watch the film, Mortified Nation.

"Being a part of Mortified changed my life. It doesn't matter if you were the football jock, drama queen, or band geek, we all can relate to the mortifying stories of you trying miserably to fumble your way through your feelings as a teen," said Anne Jensen-Smith, producer for the show. "Those feelings are universal, and their cringe-worthy stories are hilarious. This will be my ninth year producing Mortified, and I couldn't be happier to bring it to Dallas!

The Dallas chapter of Mortified Live will produce shows every three months for the first year and feature six-to-seven performers during each event.

Now is the time to dig out your most embarrassing teenage writings (e.g., diaries, poems, lyrics, fiction) and artwork and request to participate in the upcoming Dallas date.

"Mortified celebrates the fact that we all survived the most awkward years of our lives," Moore said. "It's universal - everyone can relate to something in the show."


(Top image: Todd Hartman. Bottom image: Ashley West Leonard)