"Six Eats for Your Comedy Appetite" by Jason Hensel

That comedy on stage is making you hungry. Time to order some food. With so many good options, it’s hard to decide what to pick. Here are some suggestions.

Pros: The perfect theater food. It’s light. It’s inexpensive. It hardly makes a sound when you chew it (with your mouth closed, you heathen). Cons: You always grab more than can fit in your hand and half of it falls on the ground.

Tortilla Chips
Pros: Their only purpose in life is to be queso (or salsa or guacamole, if you’re nasty) vessels, just like humans. Cons: Hard to eat them quietly in a timely manner. Tortilla dust.

Pros: The quiet Tex-Mex food. Full of cheese. Can add steak or chicken to it. Cons: If you’re with someone else, you’ll be asked to share or offer a bite. Don’t. This cheesy goodness is all yours. Make your date or friend order his or her own.  

Pros: The sandwich of the Southwest. A step above the pedestrian bread slice. Can save the other half for lunch tomorrow. Cons: Loose wrapping. But then it becomes a salad; so pro, fewer carbs!

Pros: Classic. Food of the people. Not uppity like wraps. Always there for you in a pinch. Cons: You’ll be forced to categorize your friends into those who slice diagonally versus those who slice horizontally.

Pros: Fulfilling. Magical. Life-changing. Will hold your hand when you're sad. Cons: There are no cons with queso.

Guess what. Yeah, that’s right. The Dallas Comedy House offers a food menu featuring all of these items and more. Bon appetit!  

Jason Hensel is a graduate of the DCH improv training program and performs with .f.a.c.e. and the ’95 Bulls.

ChuChu’s Choices: Hot Chocolate w/ RumChata

DCH drink1 In this first installment of ChuChu’s Choices, I want to take you on a rich, creamy ride toward a special winter buzz drinking DCH’s spiked Hot Chocolate with RumChata. This drink is a great remedy for whatever ails you. Take three parts creamy Swiss Miss hot chocolate, one part of that delicious horchata-con-rum beverage, RumChata, serve it in a mug with whipped cream and POW! ... You’ve got a first-class ticket on Deliciousness Airlines. The flavor is sublime. It’s  complex, yet simple in preparation.

We’ve all had our fair share of spiked hot chocolate. Peppermint schnapps is good but played out. Baileys in hot chocolate? Who are you, my mom? Whiskey in hot chocolate? Easy there, Hunter S. Thompson. Trust me, friends, I have seen the future and it tastes amazing.

This drink has yet to be named, so I will throw a few at the wall and see if they stick.

  1. Hot Chata
  2. Rum Choca
  3. The Future
  4. Future x Drake
  5. Choc-line Bling

Look, I don’t know if any of those names will catch on, but what I do know is that this drink is the next big thing. Get on board now before it's gone.

This drink is a certified ChuChu Choice.