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Men and Women of Stihl

Last Saturday night, some DCH performers were asked to perform at the Blue Mountain Equipment Annual Christmas Party. We were greeted by a slew of smiling faces and miles of barbecue and beer. The group of about 150 employees and their significant others were ready and willing to participate with us when we called them up on stage. A few of them even stole the show. It was a great night for us and them, and we were thrilled to be part of their Christmas celebration. I wanted you to know that everyone really enjoyed the show, and I mean that. Many, many positive comments! Thanks for everything! - Matt T., GM 

DCH performers posing in front of a seriously old, but seriously cool tractor at the Blue Mountain Equipment facility. It's one of only four in the nation!

Blue Mountain Equipment is the largest distributor of Stihl equipment in Texas and Oklahoma. For more information on Blue Mountain Equipment, check them out HERE! 

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Farmin' Up Fun with Farmers Insurance

Last week, members of the DCH corporate team were asked to provide some much needed entertainment during the midst of the Farmers 2015 Annual Planning Meeting. Employees from Farmers welcomed the break during the middle of their planning session. So many of our corporate shows are interactive, and this one was no exception. We received a list of "pre-selected" volunteers that would be willing to be pulled up on stage as participants. And they were a blast! We were lucky to have such a great group of volunteers that made the show that much more fun for everyone involved. "It was such a huge hit and a GREAT break in the day. The way you were able to just 'jump right in' (which I guess is what your specialty is) and really incorporate the audience was fantastic, and I know they all had such a great time playing along. Your team made everyone feel 'safe' and allowed them to just have fun and be themselves. It was really neat to watch and be a part of, and I thank you again for that!"                   -Heather V., District Manager

Today, the companies comprising the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies make up one of the country's largest insurers of vehicles, homes, and small businesses and provide a wide range of other insurance and financial services products. Farmers is proud to serve more than 10 million households with more than 20 million individual policies across all 50 states through the efforts of over 50,000 exclusive and independent agents and nearly 24,000 employees.

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Our Meetings with People Who Know Meetings

Last week, members of the DCH Corporate Team were lucky enough to join Meeting Professionals International (MPI) for a two-day summit of workshops and a show. You'd think a big group of meeting planners wouldn't be too excited about yet another meeting, but that clearly wasn't the case. We met with 70 of MPI's national and international team for an all-team improv workshop. We focused on: getting outside your comfort zone, active listening, and the power of Yes, and! Their willingness to try new things as a group was only magnified when we brought some lucky (pre-selected) volunteers on stage during our improvised comedy show. Of course, no corporate improv show is complete without some participation from the CEO and COO! Look for their names soon in lights, as their comedy debut was better than some of the amateurs we've seen!

"Our team really enjoyed the workshop and your session, it was exactly the kind of engaging activity we wanted to add to our event!"- Matt, senior director of events

Day Two was a day full of break-out sessions. DCH's artistic director lead three sessions with a focus on "Using Humor Appropriately in the Work Place." We talked about when humor is useful, but more importantly, what kind of humor works and what kind of humor doesn't. We learned a lot about each other, and laughed even more.

MPIlogo Thanks to MPI for two great days of training and fun. Their professionalism and willingness to grow individually and as a team is very much in line with their company mission: To provide MPI members, chapters and the global meeting and event community with innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and business exchanges, and to act as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry. Find out more about MPI HERE! 

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DCH Invades the Dallas Morning News

When The Dallas Morning News (DMN) called and asked us to help them punch up their writing and social media content, we knew we were in for a big task. After all, how do you help punch up the already quippy writing of some the city's best journalists? Well, you use the "Yes, and…" philosophy we rely on to create improv comedy to help curate this workshop. "Our training with Amanda and DCH was immediately useful. We walked out of our second session and within hours put some of our new techniques to work. Not once. Not twice. But in three separate Facebook posts. It wasn't about becoming funny. It was all about learning to work together to be more engaging."  — Michael L., DMN Digital Communities Manager 

Our team spent two days with a group of writers, editors, and social media gurus from The Dallas Morning News. The first day, we gave them a crash course in improv comedy and showed them the tools we use on the stage to work together as a group.  After a few short hours, they were already on their way to comedy stardom.

As the largest news source for the DFW area, DMN is responsible for making sure North Texas receives succinct news in a timely manner. And often times, the writers don't have time to collaborate. We taught them how our comedy writing team pitches and develops original content, and how and when to make it fun for their ever-growing audience. Combined with their stellar teamwork skills they developed in Day One, this group of newsies is now armed and ready to deliver the news. With a twist.

If you're not already following The Dallas Morning News on Facebook or Twitter, do yourself a favor and check them out. That same level of integrity will always be in place with DMN, but don't be surprised if you start to see a funnier side of the news.

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