Space Work is Important

If you're an improviser, you know how important it is to maintain some sort of reality when you're on stage. Whether that's holding a gun properly (no pointing fingers!) to putting on clothes to answering a phone, the way you do these everyday actions go a long way in helping propel scenes forward in a truthful manner. The following video, "How to Spot an Improviser," from CBesRun makes fun of space work. I thought you'd enjoy it.

The guy doing the phone bit is totally doing the space work weird. You only answer the phone with devil horns if hell is calling.

This Is Your Brain On Comedy

I love watching TED talks. They make for some good learning while you're lunching at your desk. In this particular TEDxRainier talk, comedian Chris Bliss discusses how comedy can help produce a greater understanding of the world and create real change. He also says that the best comedy is based on honesty. That's something that we here at DCH say, as well (you know, that whole truth in comedy thing).

It's a good TED talk and totally worth 15 minutes of your time.