Hey You, College Kid, Put Down Those Textbooks!

collegeWe all know that studying is important if you want to finish college and not end up under your parents’ roof again in the bedroom your mom now calls the craft studio. Cramming too hard, however, can backfire. Not only will you become the most boring person you know—if you still know anyone at that point—but your brain won’t be in top form. You need to take study breaks. What kind of study breaks? Since you’re a smarty pants college type, we knew you were going to ask that and did a little research to figure out which study breaks were the best. The answer is, laugh breaks.

We could insert a bunch of footnotes here citing the studies we read, but who wants to see footnotes in a blog? Trust us, laughter will improve your grades.

But where can you go for a good laugh break? See, we know what you’re thinking and we’re not only going to share with you the best place for a laugh break, we’re also going to give you a student discount once you get there.

The Dallas Comedy House (DCH).  Every Wednesday in October and November.

Buy a ticket to the 8 p.m. improv show and you can get into the 9 p.m. show for free with a valid college student ID. We’ll also have special student-priced mascot drinks.

"DCH is always looking to bring new audiences in to our comedy community," said Maggie Rieth Austin, a DCH performer and teacher. "College students work hard and play hard—and we're excited to offer them a mid-week opportunity to let lose and laugh."

Oh, and tell your friends, because there’s a contest to see which university has the most audience members at the shows. The school with the highest number of free tickets claimed at the 9 p.m. show for October and November will get a poster in the lobby and its college-specific drink will stay on the menu until the spring contest.

We'll also encourage audience members to take a picture of themselves in school logo clothing and post with hashtag #DCHLaughBreak.

Come on out to the Dallas Comedy House on Wednesdays! Your brain will thank you, and your mom’s craft group will send blessings your way.

When not busy saving the planet in his day job, Darrin Larson studies improv at the Dallas Comedy House and is preparing to graduate from the program in October. He also enjoys writing, with work featured in The Huffington Post and the Dallas Morning News, and on-stage in Dallas’s live storytelling show, Oral Fixation.

(Image: Tom Simpson/Creative Commons)