The Most Useful Class You'll Never Take

konrad We love hearing from our students. Especially when they've had such a great experience in one of our improv classes. Konrad Stoick just wrapped up his level one showcase last week. Here's a teaser of his full story on the class:

...Improv at its core is about one basic concept: sending and receiving information. Add some funny people, creativity, a stage, and an audience, and this exchange of information often results in spontaneous hilarity. Like any performance art, it is something that must be learned, practiced, refined and developed. 

When you take an improvisational comedy course, you learn the mental framework for systematically weaving colorful scenes together from a mere one word suggestion from the audience.

What I discovered over the course of the eight week course was that the utility and applicability of this mental framework extends well beyond the stage…  READ THE FULL ARTICLE BY LEVEL 1 STUDENT  KONRAD STOICK HERE!