"The Wit of Serafinowicz" by Jamé McCraw

English actor and writer Peter Serafinowicz might be most recognized from films and guest appearances on British TV for almost 20 years. An emphasis is nearly always placed on his character’s height, physical features, and vocal traits. He is an irritable roommate in Sean of the Dead and Tim’s ex-girlfriend’s new beau, who the protagonist just can’t quite measure up to, in Spaced.

In 2002, he and his writing partner, Robert Popper, created the satire series Look Around You, which was lovingly styled as an homage to schoolroom educational videos of the late 1970s and early 1980s. A seven-episode sketch series called The Peter Serafinowicz Show aired in 2007 showcasing the actor’s adept impersonations and absurdist characters in a carefully curated realm of commercially recognizable parodies. He was recently cast in a reboot of Ben Edlund’s series, The Tick.

Sassy Trump videos, a pet project of Serafinowicz, have been trending since last summer. The president’s exact words are repeated verbatim in an effeminate snarl that is dubbed over originally televised footage. He has been making and editing short video projects for years.

What follows is a list of my favorite bits of comedy, but I recommend further exploration.

Brian Butterfield Karaoke Bar Brian Butterfield is a portly, bumbling man who always manages to promote one failure or another. I like this for the sheer joy of seeing this character harmonize with himself while singing ABBA and Queen.

Basil Fawlty Impersonator Chat A late-nite chat service where you can be berated by a wound-up misanthrope without reservations.

Who Would Like To Win £100 This black-and-white WWII-era game show parody is slowly paced. Perry Rogers croons about suicide while the contestant “telegrams a friend” for help. The show is cut short by an air-raid.

Buy It Channel A QVC parody where the hosts (Serafinowicz and Catherine Sheppard) face unusual difficulties and are brutally honest about the quality of their products. In one instance, they go so far as to suggest the Sapharina ring, which costs much less to produce than they are selling it for, and resembles “a discarded boiled sweet in a nest of broken glass.”

Paul McCartney "I’ll Kill" Peter Serafinowicz has several sketches where he takes on the role of each of The Beatles and does song parodies, as well. In this morbid re-imagining of "I Will" Paul offers to murder for his new love admitting to her, “Although I’ll be in prison, I’ll be thinking of your kissing.”

Acting Masterclass with Michael Caine Did you know that sausages look like cigars on camera and vice versa? The Acting Masterclass series of videos feature lessons from Kevin Spacey, Ralph Fiennes, and Al Pacino, as well.

Markets of Britain A marketplace where you can buy discarded weapons from an old murderer and giant pencils.

Jamé McCraw is a current student at DCH and performs with Watermelon. She enjoys watching squirrels through the windows of her little old house while holding hands with her cat, Stanley.