Tips for Enjoying Shows During College Football Season

College Football If you are like me, Saturdays during the fall can be stressful. Always checking scores to see if Montana can pull off that upset over Eastern Washington (Go Griz!). But, life must go on. Improv and sketch shows must be attended and enjoyed. How do you enjoy both? Here are my tips for enjoying shows during college football season.

The scores can wait, turn off your phone.

At the beginning of each show, a host will tell you this. Pay attention to it. Anyway, most shows are late on Saturday nights and the only games on are West Coast games and who cares about Stanford. Am I right!?!?

Only follow teams that win.

This is the best way to take the pressure off. If a team is favored by 20 or more points, just follow that game and cheer for the goliath. Nobody likes a David. It’s a fact.

Don’t wear a college shirt to a show on Saturday.

This is just asking for it. People always assume that since you are wearing a Purdue shirt that you can spit out details of that game in 2000 when Drew Brees threw for 250 yards and beat Youngstown State. So, if you don’t have that memory etched in your brain, don’t wear the shirt.

Watch NFL football instead.

The NFL plays a majority of games on Sunday and DCH has shows five days a week with Sunday not being one of them. So, watch the NFL and by the next time you go to DCH, you will have forgotten what happened five days earlier. Or is that just me?

Have a great season everyone. I will be watching to see if my Hawks can win it all. More importantly, I will be waiting to see if Tabooze will finally use my word. Dammit guys.  

Ghost Watcher is a regular, DCH audience member.