Tommy's Taco Thursday: It's Mother Fuzzin' Taco Time!

Fuzzy's Taco ShopFuzzy’s Taco Shop gets a bad rap. I mean, they bring it on themselves by making you pay for chips and salsa. Seriously, give us a half portion of chips and salsa with our meals. Everyone else does it. I would go to Fuzzy’s 10 times more than I do now if they hooked me up with a small pile of chips and a couple of ounces of salsa. The cost of sales would increase a bit, sure, but I think people would come in to eat more often. (Also, Fuzzy’s, your prices aren’t exactly low – I’m sure you can handle losing some chips and salsa.) I’m sure there are many great things about Fuzzy’s, but I’m going to focus on two amazing things. First the “Baja Tacos” are top notch. There are plenty of protein options, but I prefer the classic seasoned ground beef. These tacos come with your standard topping, but the addition of cilantro, garlic sauce, and feta set these babies apart. But the real genius is the shredded cheese. But everyone puts shredded cheese on tacos, Tommy! What’s the big deal? Shut up, Tommy, and I’ll tell you! It’s placement. Fuzzy’s puts the shredded cheese into the crispy taco shell first. Putting the cheese in first, followed by the meat, is brilliant. The cheese melts and then acts as a binding agent. The cheese supports and boosts the integrity of the shell. This added stability allows consumers to wildly munch tacos without the worry that they will fall apart in their hands. It’s cutting edge.

Breakfast tacos are a cornerstone of the taco market. They may even be two cornerstones. Fuzzy’s offers breakfast tacos all day long. That’s a strong move. What makes this offering truly tacotastic is that there’s no premade eggs just sitting in a steam well, waiting all day for a breakfast bum to order some tacos. THEY MAKE IT FRESH TO ORDER. This is so important. Kudos Fuzzy’s, you do everything Taco Cabana claims that they do, better. You are rocking the quick-casual taco market.

Disclaimer: The best Fuzzy’s restaurant pales in comparison to a perfectly run Taco Cabana restaurant. The problem is, most Taco Cabana’s around here are poorly managed and under maintained.

Note: The Fuzzy’s on Midway north of 635 has $1.50 tacos all day on Thursdays. But the chips and salsa cost an arm and a leg.

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Tommy Lee Brown teaches and performs at Dallas Comedy House. He is your man on the street, determined to eat. He is the belly of the city. No taco is too small or too commercial. He will eat it all, and tell you all about it. Direct taco related questions to

(Image: Fuzzy's Taco Shop)