Tommy’s Taco Thursday: Pull Yourself Together Bueno

Taco BuenoToday I got an email from Taco Bueno with emoticons in the subject line. I was already planning on writing about Taco Bueno, but this sealed the deal. I love Taco Bueno. I’m a ride or die Bueno head. I grew up on the Mexi-Dips and Chips. I liked to mix the guacamole, beans, and queso together with a couple of hot sauces and make my own master dip. I love the tostada. My go-to platter is the Taco Platter with double beans and double sour cream instead of rice and guacamole. The quesadilla is great to smother in the hot sauce. I could go on and on.

But I have to unsubscribe from the emails. It’s gotten out of hand. I’m getting a handful a week; sometimes two in one day. They are starting to feel more like desperation and less like a reward. Taco Bueno is acting like an ex that can’t stop messaging. “Hey what’d you have for breakfast? Mine is cheap right now.” “Hey what are you doing this weekend? All weekend. It doesn’t matter what time.” “Hey – um, I’m still doing 49-cent party tacos on Thursdays if you aren’t busy.” “🎉Here’s a mystery emoticon for the subject of this email; I know you like… carrots?? 🎉”

Not only are these emails becoming a little overbearing, but I was getting budget belly. I was ignoring my desire to eat full-price menu items in favor of a $1.50 - $3 worth of some special deal. I can’t remember the last time I had a tostada and a quesadilla from Taco Bueno. I’ve been in a haze of party this and party that. I feel like I was drugged by my inbox.

(Although I gotta say the 5 party items for 5 dollars deal is legitimately the best fast food deal around.)

Arghhhhhhh! I can’t quit you Taco Bueno. But I can quit your emails. Tell you what…how about I stop by on my way home. I‘ll bring you a little money. You get all fresh and spicy for me. Mmmmmm.

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Tommy Lee Brown teaches and performs at Dallas Comedy House. He is your man on the street, determined to eat. He is the belly of the city. No taco is too small or too commercial. He will eat it all, and tell you all about it. Direct taco related questions to

(Image: Taco Bueno)