Tommy’s Taco Thursday: RUSTY TACO, More Like TRUSTY TACO, Amirite?

Rusty TacoI’m pretty sure these places are franchises, and I’ve only sampled the location on Inwood and the location on Greenville. Both locations get a thumbs up. In the taco world, there are a lot of variables. Good food can be dragged down by slow service. Great service can propel average food to the next level. Poor management can ruin a great concept. The things I find most impressive about Rusty Taco is the consistently above average cleanliness, friendliness, and speediness I experience every time I venture in the door. There’s no drive thru, but you won’t mind. Rusty Taco is in the Breakfast-Served-All-Day club, which is always a good thing. It’s an especially good thing if breakfast is your best asset. At Rusty Taco, breakfast reigns supreme and I believe the high queen of the menu is the brisket-and-egg breakfast taco. Get that with cheese and drop some habanero salsa on there. Don’t let the word “habanero” scare you – it is 2015… open up your mind. I’ve had the potato and egg, sausage and egg, fajita and egg, and they are all fresh and consistently portioned. Their tortillas are thin with beautiful dark brown or black hot spots on them – letting you know these were just cooked perfectly.

The rest of the menu is OK. The Rusty Taco, an ancho pork taco with pineapple, onions, and cilantro, left me unsatisfied and the picadillo taco seemed a little disjointed. It has finely ground and season beef with rather large chunks of potato. I’d rather the potatoes be chopped a bit smaller so they are more uniformly distributed throughout the meat. It’s worth checking out their lunch items, but the breakfast is SOLID.

Now let’s talk chips and salsa. It’s not complimentary, but it’s only $2 for a hefty portion and the chips are fresh and warm. (Pro tip – salt those chips the minute they give them to you. Salt them generously while they are still warm.) The chips are a thin and dense yellow corn tortilla chips, and the salsa is a cooked red salsa with a moderate consistency and top-notch flavor. This combo tops most sit-down-and-dine, table-top chips and salsa pairs. I love this stuff. I want some right now. Both while I am writing this and while you are reading this, I want some of that chips and salsa.

The place is clean, organized, well managed, and the employees seem happy to be there. The food is good, fast, and always the same. The customers seem happy to be there. For a taco place to have all of these elements is very rare. Bravo Rusty Taco, bravo.

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(Image: Rusty Taco)