Troupe Talk: CLR

CLR Troupe Talk is back this week with the lovely CLR, which stands for, well, a lot of things. This friendly team made me a yummy sandwich to chow on while giving me the skinny on the crew, their experience at this year's Dallas Comedy Festival (DCF), and how they celebrated their one year anniversary of being together (SO.CUTE.).

Thanks for making me a sandwich to eat while I interview you CLR! Why don’t you tell our readers what you each chose to put on it?

Cesar: Buffalo chicken and CLRy. Doug: Anti-snark sauce; I want to diminish snarking in general...not that you, the interviewer, have that problem. It’s just a sauce I like to add to all meals for everyone. Gabe: If we tell you, we’ll have to kill you...another way. Molly: That spicy sauce they use at Uncle Ubers for their fries!! Ryan: Probably mustard. Sunny: Bugs.

Yum. Thanks for the Sammy. By the way, congratulations on the Dallas Comedy Festival. What was the most memorable part for you guys this year?

Cesar: Having lunch with Adam McCabe and Betsy Sodaro, then driving them to Lakewood Brewery. They invited me to stay but I had to meet with a sketch group at DCH. Doug: The tremendous quality of the improv and sketch shows. Excellent local teams as well as the great teams who came in from around the country. Gabe: Talking to visiting performers and hearing them mention how welcoming and fun the DCF was. It felt good knowing that DCH doesn't produce a bunch of assholes. Molly: Just the feeling that this is the last time I was going to perform at Commerce, and at the festival—that made the whole thing extra memorable. Ryan: Seeing people from different cities who would otherwise have nothing else in common show up and celebrate comedy together is always something I’ll love. But it was also pretty cool when the Austins bought us all jello shots. Sunny: I think I've been to every festival at DCH, but this was my first time performing. I got to see it from a totally different side and, despite the ungodly amount of jello shots I consumed that week, I will never forget it. Also, the absurd dance party that ensued after Flip Cup Saturday night. I won’t look at certain people the same.

If you guys were a 1990’s cartoon, which one would you be and why? Bonus: who would be who on the show?

Cesar: Animaniacs! Ryan is Yacko, because of puns. Sunny is Dot. Doug is Brain. Molly is Slappy Squirrell, and Gabe is her nephew. I guess I'm one of the Goodfeathers. Doug: Ren & Stimpy. I would be Ren, because I am skinny and prone to angry outbursts. Gabe would be Stimpy because he is so good natured. Cesar is Mr. Horse because the character needs his gravitas as well as his ability to be likeable in some shows and unlikable in others. Sunny as Muddy Mudskipper because she can do the Catskill comedian voice. Molly would be the announcer voice who played all kinds of random characters, because she has the versatility to pull it off. Ryan would be the walrus-like character who, to my knowledge, only had one appearance in the show as the captor of Mr. Horse. His lone line when Mr. Horse holds him up by the neck is, “Call the police.” Gabe: Oh, my god! I’ve been thinking about this for 20 minutes and just got a case of tired-head. What Doug said. Molly: I did not watch too many 1990's cartoons. I was a sullen teenager who did not have time for such things. Ryan: Pokemon! Sunny is Ninetails. 1990’s Molly is Gloom. Gabe is Farfetch’d. Doug is Hitmonlee. Cesar is Lapras. And I’m Psyduck. Sunny: The Simpsons (because somehow no one else claimed it). Molly is Todd. Ryan is Frank Grimes. Doug is Gil Gunderson. Cesar is Kang (or Kodo—I don't really care). Gabe's definitely Ralph Wiggum. And I'm Nelson Muntz.

CLR: What does it mean? Where’d the name come from?

Cesar: To me it's always meant Cesar Loves Ryan. Doug: Craig’s List Roommate. Winn LaRue said it in a scene—her roommate was in the hospital, because Winn had run her over with a car. Winn responded with something like, “You think you have it bad, I had to go on Craigslist to find a new roommate.” Gabe: CLEAR! It does take more syllables to say CLR, but who wants to see a group named CLEAR! You couldn’t say, “We’re going to see CLEAR!” That’s sounds like Scientology jargon. Molly: I remember Ryan once said it stood for Children Love Radiation. Ryan: Can Lizards Read? Sunny: Camp Life Rules! Fun fact, we all met at summer camp.

You recently had your one year anniversary as a group (if I stalked you on Facebook correctly). What did you guys do to celebrate?

Cesar: OK. Fine. CLR stands for Cocaine, LSD, and doobies. We went on a bender, ok. Get off our collective back. Doug: Two things: We lamented the loss of our coach (there were scheduling issues), and we ate at Liberty Burger. Gabe: Made you a sandwich. Eat it. ;) Molly: We discussed good/bad movies, such as The Room. It’s so bad it’s good. Ryan: We sent a lot of celebratory stickers to each other on Facebook chat. Sunny: So much laser tag.

CLR performs at the Dallas Comedy House on April 23 at 8 p.m. with Primary Colours.

Tori Oman is a level three student at DCH. She’s trained and performed with the Second City and iO in L.A. and Chicago. Favorite pastimes include being irrationally competitive at Monopoly, eating an apple in every country she’s traveled to, and being the sole person on this planet that thinks Necco Wafers are a delicious candy choice.