Troupe Talk: .f.a.c.e.

.f.a.c.e. Let’s .f.a.c.e. it—if a troupe talk reader ever came .f.a.c.e. to .f.a.c.e. with me, they'd probably a.) be jealous of all the imaginary snacks and presents the troupes have been bringing to their interviews for me and b.) get in my .f.a.c.e. for having yet to interview one of Dallas Comedy Houses finest troupes—.f.a.c.e.! So in order to avoid any future .f.a.c.e. to .f.a.c.e. confrontations, ladies and gentleman, i present to youuuuu, .fa.c.e.!

Thanks for coming to the interview all wearing masks of the face of someone you want to tell a secret to! Tell our audience who is on each of your masks and what’s the secret?

Ashley: I’m wearing a mask of Terry’s face. I’m just going to lean in and make a fart noise. He’ll understand.

Jua: I’m wearing a mask of Ashley’s face. I’m going to steal her nose, and then wink. She’ll understand.

Terry: I am wearing a mask of Jua’s face. I have just been asked to sing bass in a barbershop quartet. I don’t understand.

Tommy: I'm wearing Sarah's face. The secret is a bonus track on our third studio album. The track is called "Uptown Fu¢k" Look for it, out soon, from .E.I.T.G.

Jason: I’m wearing Tommy’s face, and my secret is that I’m Stephen King, so Tommy actually has been reading my books and loving me all along.

Sarah: I’m wearing Jason’s face. Took it right off his face, no muss no fuss since he was S. King underneath it anyway. I want to tell Jason that his hair is luxurious.

Wow so many secrets. So tell me one more thing—what do the letters in .f.a.c.e. stand for? How’d the troupe name come to be?

Ashley: It stands for, again I’m just going to make a fart noise here. Mr. Hensel rounded us all up; he wanted to do something weird and we obliged.

Jua: Valar morghulis.

Terry: .N.O.Y.B.

Tommy: I think it stands for Fruit And Chocolate Eclair, but also probably not. But maybe.

Jason: Some things are better not known than known. We started as a King of the Mountain troupe. We won five (?) or six (?) times and then were ousted by Nick Scott’s one-man show. *shakes fist at Nick Scott, but then gives him a hug because that was such a great show*

Sarah: .f.a.c.e. stands for opportunity, support, love, trust; we try to show each other our best faces so when it’s show night, ALLLLLL RIIIIIIIGHT

So something NOT so secret: You’re nominated for an INNY award (which is awesome—CONGRATULATIONS!) What’s that mean and how does it feel?

Ashley: It feels profoundly awesome, but I don’t really know anything about the competition or how the heck we got nominated.

Jua: It’s amazing! I’m very proud to be the only Dallas troupe that was nominated. Besides that...fart noise.

Terry: We are up against a bunch of stage dwellers, or as we call them “Stagies.” They all lack imagination.

Tommy: I am also pretty pumped about the nomination. The INNY awards are sponsored by Improvisation News, created to recognize excellence in improv.

Jason: Tommy did a great job explaining what it is, so I second his comment. It feels great to be recognized. It’ll feel even better to win it for DCH.

Sarah: Ditto Tommy and Jason. I wanna bring this thang home for DCH. So vote if you haven’t, DCHers! Let’s show ‘em there’s something exciting happening down hurr.

What is the style of .f.a.c.e. comedy?

Ashley: Full Access. Beans.

Jua: Stage fright.

Terry: It’s is the perfect combination of a knife fight and a Sharknado.

Tommy: We try to be so supportive that the audience feels free to be in the show. We try to involve the audience in our show as much as possible, in a long-form context.

Jason: The style is to be as limitless as possible. Nothing is off limits. Our limits know no bounds. Have you heard about our limits? You wouldn’t have, because there are none.

Sarah: The limit does not exist.

List out all of your team members, and then complete the .f.a.c.e. acronym to describe the person’s name below you (e.g., Billy Bob is Fantastic Awesome Crazy and Eerie).

Tommy: Fierce, Artistic, Comforting and Enchanting

Terry: Sarah is Full of Awesome Cat Energy.

Sarah: Friendly Ace Chap Eeeeeeeeissocoolsupportbestdude

Jua: Jason is Fancy As Childhood Emphysema.

Jason: Ashley is a Fairy Apparition Charming Everyone

Ashley: Tommy is a Fearless, Adept Cornerstone of Ease

.f.a.c.e. performs at the Dallas Comedy House on Friday, May 29, with Manick, and Saturday, June 27, with LYLAS.

Tori Oman is a Level Four student at DCH. She’s trained and performed with the Second City and iO in L.A. and Chicago. Favorite pastimes include being irrationally competitive at Monopoly, eating an apple in every country she’s traveled to, and being the sole person on this planet that thinks Necco Wafers are a delicious candy choice.