Troupe Talk: Samurai Drunk

Samurai Drunk Samurai [sam-oo-rahy] noun, plural samurai. Japanese History 1. a member of the hereditary warrior class in feudal Japan.

Drunk [druhngk] adjective 1. being in a temporary state in which one's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of alcoholic drink; intoxicated.

Samurai Drunk [sam-oo-rahy druhngk] noun, plural funny dudes. Dallas Comedy House History 1. a team of seven hilarious dudes who do what they want

Want to meet them? Well, It’s your lucky day. Up this week on Troupe Talk is none other than Samurai Drunk!

Hey Guys. Thanks for bringing me a beverage to get Samurai drunk on while we talk—tell our readers what you brought me. Nathan: Brown Rice Sake…well, it’s a cup of vodka with brown rice in it. It’s really gross. Don’t drink it. Daniel: Rice wine vinegar. That’s Samurai-y right? Tommy: I brought you a Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Derek: Sake mixed with gasoline. Tim: I didn’t. You never said what you wanted, and I can’t take that kind of pressure. I brought myself a PBR and a shot of Jameson. You can have the shot if you want. Colten: Well, I brought Tim a PBR and a shot of Jameson. You can have them now, I guess. Tyler: A six pack of my current favorites (in no particular order) 1. Community's Witbier 2. Adelbert's Tripel B 3. Revolver's Blood & Honey 4. Live Oak's Hefeweizen 5. Real Ale's White 6. uh... sorry, I already drank that one on the walk over.

Thanks, dudes. Speaking of dudes, you’re an all-dude group, which is kind of like a boy band. What boy band do you most relate to? Nathan: 2ge+her. I know they’re not real, but that makes them ever more real. Daniel: Does Hall and Oates count? No? Oh. Tommy: Boyz II Men. Because we range from Derek to Tyler. Derek: I don't know why, but when I try to answer this question the only thing that comes to mind are the Ninja Turtles. And I know they aren't a boy band, and I know they don't exist. Tim: Wu-Tang Clan comes to mind. I know that if we all had microphones a lot of us would walk around the stage holding up our pants and at the right times saying things like "Yo" and "Yeah.” Colten: What do you think about the Back Street Beach Boys? It would be a cross-over cover band. Tyler: The Grateful Dead.

According to your Facebook page (yeah that’s right, I stalked you on the book), you follow The Drunk Samurai format that you invented as a group. Tell us about the elements and structure of your form. Nathan: The whole point was to NOT have structure or form and to play fast and loose. Much like a samurai, you have to adapt to what is happening in front of you, that way your first reaction is true and usually fun! Daniel: Hop on stage with some dudes and aggressively play make-believe. Tommy: What drew me to Samurai Drunk was that the format could be anything anytime. Nothing is set in stone, not even the testosterone and energy people attribute to us. Derek: It's a stretch to call it a form, because part of the charm is that our shows aren't meant to be rigid. The overriding theme is to bring energy and have fun, but beyond that we try not to limit ourselves. The most standard element is the group scene up top, then occasional organic edits throughout. Tim: I can give no other information aside from it being a blast to put up our "form.” Colten: In our form, a group scene/game becomes the heart of a yet undetermined animal. Then whatever animal it is does whatever that animal do. Tyler: It's really a "form" that leads the actors. We aren't limited by worrying about the "form." We tend to get into trouble when we stand and talk. It's something that other troupes do way too much so I strive to be active so we aren't ever comfortable.

Which accomplishment are you more proud of and why: Being the first DCH team to live stream a show to the entire world? Or winning the DCF 2013 Flip Cup championship? Nathan: Actually, I really liked our Kickstarter for the live stream event. It was well made and funny. I think it really showed off what we can do. Daniel: I wasn't in Samurai Drunk at those times. But I got the Espirit de Corps my first year in High School Marching Band. Tommy: I wasn't in Samurai Drunk at those times. But I got a certificate for being a good restaurant manager when I worked for Taco Cabana. Derek: Live-streaming was fun, but so was our massive Murder in the Dark event. One of the best weekends ever was when we performed at the Out of Bounds festival in Austin, but literally spent the majority of our time playing Murder in the Dark in a rented house (while Tyler slept). Tim: I was in Samurai at that time, and I can say that if I had to choose it would absolutely be the live-stream, otherwise, the tagline for DCH would just be "the famous Dallas Comedy House." Conversely my least proud moment is still not having our pilot finished—although we are probably a month or two away from the final thing. God fucking willing. Colten: I wasn't on the team that won the Flip Cup championship, despite being in Samurai Drunk at the time. So you leave me no choice but to choose the live-stream, which was super fun to be a part of. Tyler: I wasn't a part of either one. I'm most proud (non performance) of our Murder in the Dark past show experiment.

Samurais were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan. Back in the day, what happened when they got drunk? Nathan: According to the thousands of hours of anime I watch, they usually pass out or a lady with large breasts show up and everyone gets a nose bleed. Daniel: They got even. Tommy: They would be victorious in battle or they would die in battle. There was no other option. Derek: I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but it seems like a good segue to explain what our name means. If I remember correctly, Colten is the one who came up with the name Samurai Drunk. We were a little confused until he explained that samurai used to practice sword fighting while inebriated, so that they would be that much better when sober. That kind of crazy logic seemed perfect for us, and so it stuck. Tim: Probably a shit-ton of karaoke. Colten: They forgot about the stressful day they had and were able to relax a little. Tyler: Geishas, sake, and gambling… probably.

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Tori Oman is a Level Four student at DCH. She’s trained and performed with the Second City and iO in L.A. and Chicago. Favorite pastimes include being irrationally competitive at Monopoly, eating an apple in every country she’s traveled to, and being the sole person on this planet that thinks Necco Wafers are a delicious candy choice.

*Definition sources from Except for the Samurai Drunk one. I made that up.