Un-Scripted's "Act One, Scene Two"

Un-Scripted Theater CompanyDear writers, here's a production you should consider submitting work to. It's called "Act One, Scene Two," and it's organized by San Francisco’s Un-Scripted Theater Company. What you do is...well, they say it best:

For every performance, we will feature one playwright, and the first scene of a play in any genre (comedy, tragedy, drama, tragicomedy, absurdist, postmodern existentialist feminism, etc.) that hasn't been completed yet. We'll interview them onstage, perform a cold reading of that first scene (Act One, Scene One), and then continue the play to its end--only now we're improvising--from Act One, Scene Two.

Un-Scripted asks that you submit an opening scene that is 5-9 pages in length. That scene can be the entire first scene or just part of the scene. After the cold reading and author interview, they'll continue the play for 90-120 minutes (with an intermission). Wow, that's a lot of improv!

Submissions are open to anyone worldwide, and more information can be found in the submission guidelines.

Now, anyone up for doing something similar (maybe on a smaller scale) at DCH?