Why I Go Watch Student Showcases

Student Showcase I have gotten to know quite a few professional improvisers over the years, and a lot of them teach improv classes at Dallas Comedy House (DCH).  These “teacher friends” invite me to their showcases*

*A showcase is a one-hour show at DCH that takes place when students finish a seven-week class and get to perform what they learned.

These are awesome. Fun. Kickass. It is filled with students on stage who have been told by their co-workers, “You so funny, you should be on stage.” They say whatever, whenever, and however they want. Granted, they have gone through seven weeks of training and their teachers have taught them better, but screw it, they are on stage and ready to rock.

Some of my favorite improv moments of all time have occurred at these showcases. A few examples:

  • A performer walked on stage with four people and uttered the opening line, “I am a bear from Alaska.” I have never stopped laughing at this.
  • Students trying out their southern accents. I can never get enough of improvisers showing their sweet Georgia twang. Or Alabama. Or maybe that is East Texas.  
  • Students that get so taken up in the moment they refuse to leave the stage after an edit. This is my ark of the covenant. You know not to look directly at them, but you are so mesmerized by its power.

The other aspect I enjoy is the feeling of “I saw them first.” You catch a Level 1 showcase and see some amazing talent, then a few months later they are performing on a Friday night.  

Bonus! Upcoming student showcases for term 3B:

Ghost Watcher is a regular, DCH audience member.

(Image: Kate Alleman/Facebook)