Seven YouTube Videos Worth Risking Your Life to Watch While Driving on 75

Driving is something that should be taken seriously--but not so seriously that you put your phone away! Here are seven YouTube videos that are definitely worth risking your life to watch while cruisin’ down 75:

  1. “Dating Tips for Modern Times”

    • This video will teach you the ins and outs and swiping left and right, all while you side swipe that 2012 Impala parked on the street and then speed away because you can’t afford for your insurance to go up again!

  2. “Grandpa Gets Pranked”

    • Watch this grandpa get “grandpranked” by his hilarious grandsons, all while you send the Pontiac Grand Prix next to you into the wall when you try to switch lanes and miss them in your blind spot!

  3. “Cooking with Courtney Love”

    • You know she’ll be drunk for this one, and you’ll be driving like you are! Get ready to make like Johnny Cash and have to walk the line!

  4. “Kevin Hart’s Marriage Tips”

    • Kevin Hart may not be a relationship expert, but his hilarious tips will have you laughing out loud and the driver next to you laying on his horn when you accidentally veer into his lane!

  5. “Cardboard Box Product Review”

    • This isn’t even a review of a product--it’s a review of the Amazon box it came in! Find out the pros and cons of this Prime delivery vessel and possibly get yourself delivered to the hospital in an ambulance when you roll your CR-V across four lanes!

  6. “Cake Farts Reaction Remix”

    • This remixed rear end reaction video will be sure to have you rear ending the stopped Tesla in front of you at forty miles per hour, sending a chain reaction ripple effect through the drivers in front of you! 

  7. “Kitten meets Rabbit”

    • Traffic is stressful--relieve it by watching this video of two cute mammals meeting! BONUS: In the middle of it you might get to meet your maker!

Jonda Robinson is a writer and performer living in Dallas, TX. She loves the way she feels in a ladies' cut polo.