Jordan Armstrong

Jordan Armstrong

Jordan is a digital journalist who decided to take improv classes to help her make new friends when she moved to Dallas. 

She graduated from the improv training program in 2015 and joined the Ewing house troupe, Midnight Passion. She also created the troupe, Resting Bitch Face, with three other women she met while taking classes.

Jordan graduated from DCH's sketch writing program in 2016, co-writing and co-starring in the sketch revue, "Pandora's Toy Box." She has also participated in "Gettin' It: Storytelling" and "The Roast of Julia Roberts." She is currently working on several sketch projects and occasionally acts as teaching assistant to improv and sketch classes.

When not doing comedy, you can find her breaking news on or playing with her cat, Zachary Preston Disney World Armstrong.

Jordan currently performs with Midnight Passion, Snak Pak and Resting Bitch Face.