Kevin Beane

Kevin Beane

Kevin Beane is an Akron, Ohio native who has been a comedy nerd and actual nerd his entire life (despite a lack of interest in sci fi, fantasy, or superheroes, which prevents from bonding with a majority of other nerds).

In Dallas, he spends his time hamming it up with King Of The Mountain 4-time champion Preschool Fight Club. Beyond that, he has performs in other Dallas-area improv troupes such as Autocomplete and Awkward Handshake, and has performed in Big Sexy Weekend of Improv.

Beyond Dallas, he has performed sketch comedy in his previous abodes of Philadelphia and Portland, Maine.

Kevin's other interests include poker (10th place in a 2009 WSOP circuit event in Atlantic City) and sportswriting (his bi-weekly sports column ( has run for nearly 20 years and was praised by the BBC). He's also as much in his head and full of doubt and guilt as you are. 

Kevin currently performs with Preschool Fight Club