Lauren Levine is a writer, performer, and improviser, born and raised in Dallas, TX. Her journey into performing live comedy, began in August 2015, by taking improv classes that served as a gateway drug into sketch writing. Lauren has been involved in a number of sketch comedy productions including Oops! We Opened A Wormhole (writer/performer), Trump'd: The Musical (writer/performer/assistant director), Pandora's Toybox (assistant director),Papa Complex (assistant director), Now Streaming (writer/performer), and Leather Daddies Presents: This Is P-BS (writer/performer). She’s also appeared in the independent short film, Leather Daddies (2017 Dallas Comedy House 24 Hour Short Film Race) .

In addition to sketch writing and production, Lauren can be found performing improv at Dallas Comedy House with her troupes Pink Flamingo and Sweaty Or Not, Here We Come. When Lauren is not improvising or creating sketches with her fellow leather-loving comedy writers in her sketch troupe Leather Daddies, she writes posts for the Dallas Comedy House blog, including the interview series Troupe Talk

Besides blogging, sketch writing, and performing, Lauren has also worked as a freelance music reviewer, a marketing consultant, a research assistant, and a hip hop dance instructor. Furthermore, Lauren enjoys anything made with peanut butter, cute doggo memes, the smell after a rainstorm, and people with soft hands.