Workshop: Let's Not Fight: Improv Without Conflict with Tim Marks

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Workshop: Let's Not Fight: Improv Without Conflict with Tim Marks


Let’s Not Fight:  Improv Without Conflict with Tim Marks
Sunday 10:45-12:45 | February 11

YOUR HEAD: "Here goes our scene! No one laughed at the first line! Oh
no! What if it's boring?!! I have to do something exciting! We must
fight! I'll pick a fight! Let's fight!!!"

YOU: "Wow, why did that scene not go so great?"

This class re-trains your improv brain to find the fun that's inherent
in positivity, even when your scene partner is angling for another
all-too-common head-to-head conflict. Add a refreshing possibility
into your group's long-form sets.

Tim uses active, concise side-coaching to get the most from his students and to help them as much as possible.

 Tim Marks is the founder of the Kick Comedy Theater in Kansas City and the KC Improv Training Center, and he owns The KC Improv Company, a troupe of 40+ professional improvisers. He has taught at five national improv festivals, and performed in many more, including the Chicago Improv Festival and New York's Del Close Marathon.  He has also written and performed stand-up comedy and sketch comedy, and acted in independent movies, short films, and television commercials.  He started improv comedy in 2001 to become a better trial lawyer and to have fun.  He no longer works as a lawyer, and he has more fun. He was honored to appear on The Improv Nerd podcast with Jimmy Carrane in 2014.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Level 1 Improv at DCH or equivalent improv experience

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